Wild Kaimanawa horse photos courtesy of Heike Erhlenbach

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Distal Limb Anatomy Clinic
Now available to all HOOFNZ members!

Opotiki October 27th 2018
Facilitator Sandy Hegh BVSc, assisted by Carol Wilson, take participants through a step by step dissection of equine cadavers from cannon bone to hoof that includes removal of the hoof capsule to closely examine the inner structures of the foot.
The purpose of the clinic is to familiarise the Hoof Care Practitioner with the superficial and deep anatomy of the distal limb of the horse.

Explanation of microscopic structures of the hoof, along with pointers on how to read hoof radiographs, instills a deeper understanding of the equine distal limb for those interested in broadening their knowledge base.

Topics covered include;

  • Structure and function of the distal limb
  • Common anatomical terminology
  • Radiographs (xrays) of the distal limb,
  • Painted horse video and Glass Horse CD
  • Guided dissection of the distal limb including the hoof
  • Live horse workshop

    This is a very full day! Participants need to come well rested and with loads of enthusiasm!

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cadaver1 cadaver2

Cadaver specimen of a long term foundered hoof