Wild Kaimanawa horse photos courtesy of Heike Erhlenbach

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Hoofcare Organisation Of  New Zealand Inc.

HOOFNZ Natural Hoof Care Certification Programme

To help meet the growing demand from horse owners for quality hoof care the Hoofcare Organisation of New Zealand (HOOFNZ) have put together a Natural Hoof Care Practitioner Training Programme that combines various sections of internationally known training programmes along with aspects more pertinent to New Zealand conditions.

This combination and the practical and technical knowledge that has been gained by our own  professional Natural Hoof Care Practitioners working with Kiwi horses, has created 2 well balanced courses designed to enable horse owners to learn how to maintain their own horses feet and also produce highly trained professional equine trimmers

HOOFNZ Natural Hoof Care Practitioner Training Programme

HOOFNZ Horse Owners Natural Hoof Care Training Course

HOOFNZ is going through a restructuring phase and will no longer be accepting training applications.

Any questions about our training programmes can be forwarded to