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HOOFNZ FAQ Page Number 14

28 My friend said that her horse used to be grumpy but he has become really sweet natured after a couple of months of natural hoof care. Surely it isn’t just trimming his hooves that has changed his nature!?

Strange as it may seem, horses can have some huge changes of attitude when they have their shoes removed and begin a natural hoof care programme. The most common change of attitude is with lazy horses, (see question 22) who suddenly become very athletic! Owners need to be warned that their sluggish, bombproof horses may find a new lease of life and go through a ‘bouncy’ stage. Often though with these good natured horses this ‘ye ha’ phase is short lived and they will soon settle into their new found energy.
Some grouchy horses seem to have pain that natural hoof care can help alleviate. Once their hoof related discomfort is eased they often become much happier.

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