Wild Kaimanawa horse photos courtesy of Heike Erhlenbach

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Laminitis-Founder Checklist

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Photographing Hooves

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Dr Robert Bowker Seminar notes

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Carol Layton Seminar Notes

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First Trim Assessment Form


Biomechanics Course


Below is a selection of information from other websites that will enrich the lives of equines who are lucky enough to have owners that care

There has been some concern over feeding beet pulp recently here is some interesting information on the subject.

This video shows how to detect equine ulcers. A horse can go from having no gastric irritation to having ulcers in as little as 5 days. Dr. DePaolo's easy do-it-yourself method of palpating acupuncture points can be a great indication of the presence of painful and debilitating ulcers.
Equine Ulcer Diagnosis

Dr Kerry Ridgway’s excellent ulcer information
Equine Ulcers – You Really Need To Know More!

Dr Kerry Ridgway’s in depth  explanation of this very common condition
Low Heel High Heel Syndrome

A video showing some of the internal and external areas of the equine hoof.
Equine Hoof Anatomy

Great selection of photos of various common hoof capsule deformations

A fascinating article by Dr. Heather Mack about the importance of Equine Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) balance.

Chrisann Ware, Equine Myofunctional Therapist and Saddle Fitter, writes about the complex issue of saddle fit.

An informative article detailing the importance of strengthening the back of ridden horses from the great team at Balance Saddles

Another Balance gem giving hope to owners of horses with trashed backs. There is also a  link in the article to their remedial programme for horses with atrophied backs due to tight saddles.

A lengthy but highly informative video by Equine therapist April Battles covering many commonly seen body issues in the ridden horse, showing the cause, the effect and what you can do to help resolve the problem.
Add 10 Years To Horses Life

Interesting case studies by UK vet Dr Christopher Day using Intergrated Medicine that includes Accupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathic, Herbs and natural species specific feeding practices
Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre horse_cases

Probably the most fun you can have off your horse!
What a great way build your communication skills and for all those owners with much loved equines that can’t be ridden due to health issues, are too big, too small, too old or too young to climb aboard have a go at agility. And, no, you don’t need the shiny bits on the hooves for agility
Horse Agility

The link below will take you to the Biosecurity website (Ministry of Primary Industries) where you can download a Code of Welfare for a species.

Currently the Code of Welfare for Equines is still under review

If you have any concerns or queries about a horse or other animal, our HOOFNZ Administrator Kathleen Young is also an Animal Welfare Inspector.
You can contact Kathleen at or phone 07 315 7877
Code of Welfare for a Species

The link below will take you to the online copy of the Animal Welfare Act 1999
You can download any part or whole Act.
Animal welfare Act of New Zealand

An interesting article by Maureen Rogers about TMJ and TMD

Useful information on correct stretching techniques for your horse

Another saddle fit guide which includes information on some of problems female riders encounter with conventional saddles

Susan Kauffmann answers a barefoot trimming question